About Us

About Stone Creek Senior Health

Stone Creek Senior Health is a leader in the health insurance business for all ages with a special focus on senior healthcare. They lead a team of dedicated independent agents whose primary goal is to explain all options available to their clients and help guide them into plans that meet both their medical and financial needs. The ability to reassure our clients that we are there to assist with the selection and enrollment process while offering continued support through filing of appeals, assistance with claims, etc. leaves them confident that we will be there when they need us.

Stone Creek is truly a family business built on family values. Darry Schroader is the CEO who brings 15 years of experience in the health and life insurance industry to the agency he started in 2011. He began his insurance career in marketing and retired as the VP of Marketing for a local Field Marketing Organization. Upon retirement he and his wife Kathy moved to Ocala, FL where he quickly realized he wasn’t quite done with the insurance industry.

Dara Schroader is the President and compliancy officer for the company who brings over 10 years of experience in a wide variety of areas to the table. As a former employee of one of the largest IMO’s, she gained valuable experience in claims, underwriting and new business. She led the retail program for 25 brokerage offices and brings that vast knowledge to SCSH. She has continually added new carriers and products to what we offer our clients and agents bringing more product diversity.

Mission Statement

Stone Creek Senior Health serves two distinct sides of the health insurance industry:

  • We strive to educate and assist our clients with their healthcare and life insurance choices. By putting the client’s needs, wants and financials first, we are able to offer a relaxed and trusting relationship built to last.
  • We work with independent agents and agencies to assist them in growing their business through mentorship, continued training, and marketing assistance.

How We Can Assist You

  • We explain what basic Medicare covers & the best ways to supplement it.
  • We provide free plan comparisons and quote illustrations.
  • We take doctor & hospital preference, prescription medications, price range and flexibility into consideration when helping you select your Senior Health Insurance plan.
  • We walk you through the enrollment process right over the phone!
  • If needed, we act as your advocate even after your policy has been approved.
  • We provide annual plan reviews and make sure you stay well informed and satisfied year after year.