Scott Young Testimonial

I was working 6 days a week at an RV dealer and met one of our customers who told me about the insurance business. I was so unhappy at my job I thought I would try anything to earn a living so I quit that job and immediately started a course to get my 2-15 insurance license, I studied full time and got my state license 30 days later on June 1 2013. I contracted with one carrier and the goal was to use a lead source, pay for live transfer leads and sell over the phone. I did this for a few weeks with poor results but of course I was new so I tried not to get too discouraged yet. Then I was introduced to Darry Schroader thru a mutual friend. Darry told me there was a better way and if interested he would show me many different ways to earn a living with my insurance license. I took a chance and agreed, that was the best decision I ever made. First he directed me to contract with every Medicare Advantage carrier available, then he showed me how to do a one on one presentation and took me on an appointment to see how it was done. AEP was fast approaching, Darry got me floor time in a local supermarket during AEP. His daughter Dara stayed with me the first week to train and guide me through this new ordeal. I made several appointments, enrolled some clients and I was “off to the races”. Darry & Dara were with me every step of the way, I must have called them a hundred times that first AEP and they were always there to support me and answer my questions. Because of their efforts I was very successful and always felt comfortable knowing I had unconditional support whenever needed.

We have monthly meetings outside of open enrollment, they have a new idea at every meeting to keep the income stream coming year round. They taught us the Final expense business and showed us the companies too contract with, showed us Life insurance options, Long Term Care options, Hospital indemnity options, Aflac, Dental insurance etc. Always a new idea. They showed us ways to stay engaged with your clients year round that has led to many referrals for me. They have showed me how to build my business from the ground up. I am now a GA and receive overrides from 9 downline agents. I have more agents in school getting ready to come aboard. We are independent agents, we work for ourselves, we receive full commissions on any business we write directly from the carriers and the downline agents receive the same commission I do for any business they write. Stone Creek Senior Health showed me how and helped me be successful. Many of the agents with us now came from other agencies, there is a good reason they are here, If you want success, support, opportunities & money for your efforts this is the best place to be. I feel extremely fortunate to have found them, I will be forever grateful for what they have done for me.

Scott Young