Yvonne Tepsick Testimonial

In July of 2012 I met Darry for the first time. He approached a group I was part of (having had someone I was affiliated with at the time die) and there were about 5 of us that were interested in exploring our options for the future. At the time Darry made going out on my own sound scary. I could work on my own in my own home office, I would not share a commission with anyone else, no one would tell me things that weren’t true, and I would work for myself and build my business. So I chose a different route and it was a big mistake. I went to work for someone as a captive, I got some leads and seminars during AEP but once AEP was over, I did virtually nothing. So in July of 2013, I answered a postcard for a seminar looking for agents. I reconnected with Darry, the timing was right and I was ready to launch my career as a truly independent agent.

In the almost 5 years that followed, Darry has been there whenever I needed questions answered and has pushed me to be better, suggesting that I do things that I didn’t think I was ready for and then they turned out to be the right path. My business has grown so rapidly that sometimes I have to blink a few times to make sure that it is real.

Starting my own business 5 years ago was the best thing I have ever done and going to work with Darry Schroader offered much more than anywhere else.

Thank You,

Yvonne C. Tepsick
Independent Insurance Agent
Tepsick Insurance Agency